Aluminum hydroxide flame retardant

Aluminum hydroxide is often used as a flame retardant for paper.
When ignited, it turns into aluminum oxide, which generates water. This is because it takes away heat and extinguishes itself.
It is often used as wallpaper for building materials.

2Al (OH) 3 ⇒ Al2O3 + 3H2O
2AlO (OH) ⇒ Al2O3 + H2O

Other flame retardants for paper include inorganic phosphorus-based, nitrogen-containing compounds, aluminum hydroxide, and calcium carbonate.
Until now, only the above materials seem to be considered as flame retardants for paper.

That’s where our boric acid-based flame retardants came in. Please see the video below.
Provides a very high flame retardant effect.


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